Marcello D’Olivo: Complesso Zipser Grado, 1957D–1964

  • Grado, Italy, Show on map
  • #COM #Western Europe
  • The mixed use complex features a unique, curved facade. The curved elements of the facade continue inside with stair cases and other elements. The Foundation Le Corbusier called the Condominio Zipser a perfect example of seaside architecture in a pretty good condition compared to French buildings. D’ Olivos idea here was to create the „all in one“ structure just like a mini Unité d’Habitation (restaurant, hotel, shops, apartments in one building). However due to financial difficulties the spaces for the hotel were converted to apartments at the last minute, while restaurants on the upper terraces closed in the 1970s and were subsequently converted into apartments as well. There are still numerous shops and restaurants on the ground floor. Special thanks to Arch. Michael Atzenhofer

  • The Condominio Zipser has been renovated numerous times. Between 2008 and 2010 the concrete facade has been renovated and painted because of continued exposure to the sea and temperature variations.