Jürgen Freiherr von Gagern / Udo von der Mühlen / Peter Ludwig: Orpheus and Eurydice Apartment Buildings, 1971D–1973

  • Munich, Germany, Show on map
  • #RES #Western Europe
  • Concrete is not only the main building material but it also gives a distinct shape to the deep reliefs of the façades as well as to details such as parapets or flower pots. A repetitive pattern of three-dimensional wooden imprints around Eurydice’s entrance serves as decoration and a symbolic reminder of the process of casting con- crete slabs. Eva von Gagern-Hübsch, the archi- tect’s partner, was responsible for the late-1960s colors—the orange, light green, and yellow—that offset the gray, weathered concrete. Excerpt from Teresa Fankhänel’s article in: SOS Brutalism: A Global Survey. Catalog DAM + Wüstenrot Foundation, Zurich (Park Books) 2017

  • Heritage protected since July 2018.