Werner Wirsing: Keplerbau, 1965D–1974

  • Regensburg, Germany, Show on map
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  • Since designing the Massmannplatz student halls of residence, Werner Wirsing has been considered a pioneer of modern, but extremely frugal construction and the most significant innovator in the field of student housing. The German Evangelical Church commissioned Wirsing to plan and build the Keplerbau in Regensburg. It was the first large student residence complex to be built after the war connected to the newly-founded University of Regensburg. The entire building complex was conceived as a social center.

  • The entire facility is currently vacant apart from the caretaker's apartment. All tenants were given notice. The building’s owner is currently working on a final demolition plan. Demolition is expected to begin as soon as this plan is finalized. ​Demolition is scheduled to be completed by 30 September 2019.