Gerd Hänska / Magdalena Hänska / Kurt Schmersow: Central Animal Labs "Mouse Bunker", Freie Universität Berlin (Zentrale Tierlaboratorien "Mäusebunker") , 1971D–1980

  • Berlin, Germany, Show on map
  • #EDU #Precast #Public #ConcreteMonster #MachineAesthetics #RescueCampaign #Western Europe
  • Part of a series of standalones for the Free University Berlin. The martial exterior is reminiscent of a naval ship or the Star Destroyer in Star Wars and stands in an oppressive relationship to the use of the lab for animal tests. Nicknamed the “Mouse Bunker” as a consequence. However, every special feature has its use, for example the blue tubes which resemble cannon tubes serve for air supply and the triangular windows for indirect daylight. 

  • Since 2010 the jobs have gradually been outsourced, parts of the building closed, strongly in need of modernization, contaminated by asbestos, since 2010 demolition/new building planned. Scheduled for demolition in July 2020. A rescue campaign is trying to save the building.