Kloss, Kolb & Partner / Gustav Schröder: Ihme Zentrum, 1971C–1975

  • Hanover, Germany, Show on map
  • #COM #Precast #Private #Megastructure #ConcreteMonster #Western Europe
  • To take the strain off downtown, the Ihme center was designed as a high-density city-in-city concept with residential, office and commercial areas, and is the only project of its kind to ever be realized. The complex includes two residential towers, a huge underground car park, and central raised arcade flanked by blocks.

  • The planned transport links were never built. Vandalism and vacant stores led to swift dilapidation, was converted several times, highly in need of renovation now, some construction areas abandoned after several changes of owner, on the verge of requiring demolition. There is an ongoing research project on the past and possible future of the center. After several new owners the building is currently undergoing renovations with heavy alterations of the façades.