Stephan Böhm: Former Headquarters of Deutsche Bahn AG, 1991C–1993

  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Show on map
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  • The building is 65 metres high and consists of a 17-story central tower surrounded by 5-story wings. Its ground area is 21037 m². Designed by the son of Brutalist architect Gottfried Böhm, the building is a very rare example of early 1990s Brutalism. 

    The complex was built as a prefabricated structure—partly due to the time pressure. The vertical concrete columns in front of the façade are striking and clearly separated from the horizontal load-bearing and ceiling elements. On the top floors, they are connected back to the ceiling slabs individually or in the form of a Y-support. This creates a clearly protruding, vertically rhythmic support skeleton.

  • Heritage protected since 2021.

    The Deutsche Bahn AG was tenant of the building from the beginning until 2020. After that they moved with the company to a nearby new building by Aurelis.

    Now, the building is being converted into an office building. The marketing for finding new tenants under the name RAW Frankfurt relies heavily on descriptions of the “iconic Brutalism” of the building as a unique selling point (last updated on March 13, 2024).