Fehling+Gogel: Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology (Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie), Freie Universität Berlin, 1966D–1974

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  • The Institute for Hygiene an Microbiology is located in the south west of Berlin. It is part of the medical center at Campus Benjamin Franklin. Fehling+Gogel responded to the difficult task to incorporate a huge institute into village-scale surroundings by starting low towards the west and gradually raising the height to the building’s sculptural high point. Key features are its complex shape and its beautifully crafted concrete surface. Formwork was carefully planned to produce an outer shell that shows the wood board texture in great detail. The architects decided to articulate each of the building’s functions with a different geometry, which resulted in a highly irregular and dynamic appearance. Soft round volumes meet angular and cubic and even pointed triangular elements. 

  • The building remains mostly unaltered. There is some need for renovations.

    Until recently, the building was threatened by demolition. A rescue campaign was started trying to save it together with the neighboring "Mouse Bunker", and the case was widely discussed in the media. Currently, the Charité declared their plan to keep and preserve the building. The campaign was successful. In January 2021, the building was listed as a historical monument (last updated on May 7, 2024).