Le Corbusier: La Tourette, 1953D–1960

  • Éveux-sur-l´Arbresle, France, Show on map
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  • The ensemble was donation-financed and kept deliberately plain. Only a few elements are realized in a more elaborate form using cast-in-place concrete. Here, Le Corbusier, one of the role models of the brutalist architects of the 1950s, created a structure that was first emulated by the Boston City Hall and later by many other brutalist edifices. The phenotype is characterized above all by stories that protrude higher up and façade elements that start out asymmetrical and become repetitive. The priory is introverted in structure, but thanks to the use of pilotis opens out below to the sloped area.

  • In use. Heritage listed since 1979, in 2011 the Brothers’ Cemetery was also listed. Between 2006 and 2012: modernization by the priory foundation. Proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list.