Igor Vasilevskii / Stefantschuk / Diwnow: Druzhba Sanatorium, 1980D–1985

  • Kurpaty, Ukraine, Show on map
  • #PUB #Public #MachineAesthetics #Sculptural #Eastern Europe
  • The visitor enters from the top, crosses a bridge and arrives at the upper roof-terrace, proceeding from there to the foyer, which offers a triple view onto the sea, the coastline, and the hills. Directly below the foyer are the two residential rings. The upper ring is wider than the lower one, in accordance with the slope of the hill. There are a total of 216 bedrooms, 54 of which are two-storied. The building is crowned by three smaller “cogwheels,” where the restaurant is located. The projecting notched edges not only provide each room with a sea view, but also act as part of the self-supporting honeycomb structure. Excerpt from Nikolai Vassiliev’s article in: SOS Brutalism: A Global Survey. Catalog DAM + Wüstenrot Foundation, Zurich (Park Books) 2017

  • The environmentally clean heating system does not work at the present moment. The rest of the building, however, retains its previous function and most of its original parts. The wooden furniture, mobile partitions, toughened-glass barriers, and other design elements still existing in many of the rooms represent unique artifacts of this period.