Janko Konstantinov: Post Office and Telecommunications Center, 1968D–1981

  • Skopje, North Macedonia, Show on map
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  • In the first, unbuilt version of the TC [Telecommunication Center] project (1968), Konstantinov proposed the public plaza of epic scale, framed by the Metabolist system of circular service cores and suspended horizontal blocks. [...] In the realized version of TC (1972C‚Äď1974), the public plaza is discarded and the main building became an asymmetric, fortress-like structure serviced by utility cylinders. With laconic ease Konstantinov noted that the arched ground and fourth floors are references to the ‚ÄúBalkan medieval monasteries and churches,‚ÄĚ while at the same time the whole building ‚Äúresembles a space station.‚ÄĚ In the postal services hall (1979C‚Äď1981), the final stage of the TC, sharp concrete ribs that bloom over the top of the dome are at the same time archaic and futuristic, denying any stylistic logic.

    Excerpt¬†from¬†Maroje MrduljaŇ° and Ana Ivanovska‚Äôs article in:¬†SOS Brutalism: A Global Survey.¬†Catalog DAM + W√ľstenrot Foundation, Zurich (Park Books) 2017

  • Damaged by fire.