Jörg Kiefner / Elisabeth Kiefner / Wolfgang Lauber: Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach, 1970C–1972

  • Marbach, Germany, Show on map
  • #EDU #Western Europe
  • In Marbach am Neckar, the birthplace of Friedrich Schiller, a park area was dedicated to the famous poet in the 17th century. On this area and next to other museum buildings, the German Literature Archive was built here in the 1970s. The polygonal building stands confidently on a slope. Its straight lines are repeatedly cleverly broken, bent and sectioned off. The grainy surface of the bushhammered exposed concrete allows the building to flow unobtrusively into nature and the surroundings without denying its independence as a building. Narrower and wider window bands, large glass fronts and small hatches add variety to the façade and bring light into the interior. Inside, the floors and galleries are staggered and supported by columns. Light red carpets stand in great contrast to the raw concrete and even cover the stairs. An area of 450,000 square meters offers storage room for important pieces of literature history.

  • Heritage listed since 2018.