Matthias Szauer / Gottfried Fickl: Hospital Oberwart, 1971D–1988

  • Oberwart, Austria, Show on map
  • #PUB #Western Europe
  • After a competition in 1971/72 the hospital was built in several phases with the nurses flats (images 2–5) completed in 1976, the main structures in 1982 and the final stages in the late 1980s. (Special thanks to Johann Gallis)

  • In use. Originally exposed concrete painted today, except for the nurses flats.

    There are plans for a new building for the hospital: start of construction is in 2020. The construction works for the new building shall be finished 2023, 2024 the first patients shall be treated in there. The future of the old hospital from the 70s is not clear yet. But there already happened some attempts to check its architectural value regarding heritage protection as brutalist icon, and to consider a conversion of the building into a retirement home.