Beda J. Amuli: Kariakoo Market, 1972D–1974

  • Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Show on map
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  • In 1969 Beda Jonathan Amuli was the first African in all of East and Central Africa to run his own architectural office. … The way the hall is formulated in all its details comes down to how the East African tropical climate is handled: The main access to the market takes place from the west and in the mornings, the peak period for the market, lies in the shade of the overhanging concrete shields. On the cool ground floor, produce is delivered via access ramps. The central open stairway frees up the view of the concrete crowns, creating an oven effect that allows hot air to escape sideways between the roof shields set at different heights. In conversation with the author, Amuli reported that the conception of the market hall drew on a design from his time studying in Israel. Excerpt from Annika Seifert’s article in: SOS Brutalism: A Global Survey. Catalog DAM + Wüstenrot Foundation, Zurich (Park Books) 2017

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