John Wild Architects (Peter Mildner): Boroko Post Office, 1979D–1981

  • Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Show on map
  • #PUB #Oceania
  • In 1980, the siting, design, and construction of the Boroko Post Office (Haus Post in the local patois) was part of the new Papua New Guinea government’s attempt to establish Boroko as a model settlement in Port Moresby. … The external walls of the post office are formed from concrete blocks and rendered with GranoGranit, a proprietary premixed, fine-aggregate product suspended in a viscous resin, developed by Granosite. Troweled onto the surface, it approximates a concrete finish and is widely used in Papua New Guinea. … The entrances to the tenancies are set deep under the awning that features high relief ornament derived from Papuan imagery of female breast tattoos. Ornament and decoration are an intrinsic part of indigenous architecture and are often adapted for contemporary buildings. Excerpt from Michael Bogle’s article in: SOS Brutalism: A Global Survey. Catalog DAM + Wüstenrot Foundation, Zurich (Park Books) 2017

  • Peter Mildner Architects has recently been engaged for alterations and additions for the Post Office and considering its importance for the community, its future seems assured.