Eckart Schmidt / BMK Ingenieurhochbau Berlin: Residential Complex Spitteleck, 1980?–1985

  • Berlin, Germany, Show on map
  • #RES #Western Europe
  • Prefabricated slab elements form a monolithic residential building. Protruding and set-back balconies characterise the façade and a discreet red paint coat adds colour. In the past, there were, next to the 295 apartments also a crèche, which is still easy to imagine due to the reliefs of children, flowers and animals in the concrete. The Spitteleck encloses a backyard, the red elements are also to be found here, but no trace of the expressive balconies. The only thing that protrudes here are the house entrances.

    The aim of the architect was to create a building that fits well into its surroundings. A building that is in keeping with the old buildings on Wallstraße as well as the high-rise buildings on Leipziger Straße. 

    Shortly after the German reunification, the Coca Cola neon sign was installed.

  • In use.