Josef Winkler / Lothar Friederich / Michael Kleinert: State Secondary School Vilsbiburg, 1967C–1969

  • Vilsbiburg, Germany, Show on map
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  • The school building of the State Secondary School Vilsbiburg was built in the 1960s. The construction was preceded by an architectural competition, which Josef Winkler and Lothar Friederich won with their design in July 1966. During the construction phase, the duo was joined by architect Michael Kleinert.

    The lobby, which is the center of the school, is particularly architecturally outstanding. It connects all class and other rooms with one another, as well as the interior and the exterior. The lobby is a walk-in sculpture and sensitizes every visitor and pupil for art and design, for the sense of space and their own creativity.

  • Endangered. The school building has become too small over time and should be enlarged. For this reason, its demolition is planned to make way for a completely new school building, although the substance of the old one is actually intact, according to the architect of the building, Josef Winkler. A renovation with an extension would therefore be a better idea. Unfortunately, the monument office has categorized the building as "not worth protecting" which makes it easier to obtain a demolition permit. However, demolition would mean losing the high-quality rooms with spacious classrooms and the architecturally outstanding lobby. In 2023, a petition was launched to prevent the demolition of the school.