Günther Domenig / Eilfried Huth: Easter Church (Osterkirche), 1966?–1969

  • Oberwart, Austria, Show on map
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  • “Domenig and Huth’s building is the very quintessence of ‘compact’ architecture – and is their pride and joy in Austria.” (Jörg Joedicke)

    From 1964 to 1974 the two Graz-born architects worked together as a firm that produced some of the most important buildings in Austria. The Easter Church is part of the new church complex that Domenig and Hurth built around an octagonal plaza beside the old Baroque church. For the jury of the competition the determining factors were the “powerful sculptural expressiveness and remarkable shapeable quality”. The expressive gesturality of the buildings is visibly inspired by the Swiss exposed concrete architecture of such proponents as Walter Förderer and has also been dubbed “concrete Baroque” in specialist literature. The interior of the church spirals upward and stands out for its dramatic lighting.

    The local residents’ overwhelming acceptance of what Friedrich Achleitner likened to a bombshell dropped on Oberwart surprised even the architects.

    (Written by Sonja Pisarik, Architekturzentrum Wien)

  • Heritage protected.