Georgi Stoilov: Buzludzha Memorial (House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party), 1974?–1981

  • Buzludzha, Bulgaria, Show on map
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  • Perched on the top of the Balkan mountains, the monument was built as a location for representative meetings of the ruling communist party. It is located close to the location of a decisive battle of the Russo-Turkish War in 1877.

  • The Memorial was closed following the dissolution of the Bulgarian Communist government in 1989, and is deserted since about the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Since then it has become something of a tourist attraction. There are several plans for renovation and conversion, but for a long time nothing happened. Recently, the Getty Foundation in Los Angeles has awarded a $185,000 grant for the monument’s conservation, as part of its Keeping It Modern initiative. Eventhough these are very good news, still more money, time and work is needed until we can consider it as saved.