Paul Felix / Jan Tanghe: Stedelijk Zwembad Oostende, 1967D–1976

  • Oostende, Belgium, Show on map
  • #RescueCampaign #Western Europe
  • Between 1972 and 1976, in the center of the Ostend agglomeration and in a top touristic location, a swimming pool construction was erected adjacent to the iconic royal galleries and the Thermae Palace. With its heroic roof shell, the swimming pool launched the brutalist architectural movement in Flanders. Exposed concrete is combined with red painted wooden windows and a copper roof. The swimming pool complex consists of three parts: the swimming hall with a 50-meter pool, a transverse building, and the entrance with ramps and stairs. Due to its structure and its openness, the swimming hall is the most remarkable part of the complex. Through conical skylights, the sun falls onto the water pools.

  • In 2014, an architectural competition was launched by the City of Ostend in collaboration with the Team Flemish Government Architect for technical innovation and expansion. The competition was closed in 2016 as the renovation was too priceless and an open-air bath unusable in the Belgian climate. Meanwhile, a new swimming pool was built. The idea of renovation of the existing pool then disappeared. On May 16, 2021, after years of silence, the Ostend City Council decided demolition. There is a petition for saving the building.